AOG V5.1.7 and section control in mode UDP

Hello, I was using AOG 4.1.3 to cut sections in UDP mode: Perfect top! I switched to v 5.1.7 to also guide, but I can no longer find my UDP frames for section cutting, yet I think I have correctly configured AOG v5 for UDP. Do you have any info, tutorials ??? thank you

Can you explain “cut sections”?

Yes section control interface…

In v 4.1.3 possible to use interface machine in udp mode, but in v5 I don’t no why, no work… Grrrr🤔

Did you use the newer ino included with AoG 5.1.7?

yes yes , but its using RS232 protocol comunication , and i want use UDP protocol . better !!! but i think is not implemented in v5.1.7 !

In the AoG download, there is a folder called Support. In the ArduinoModules folder are USB and UDP versions for AutoSteer, IMU & Machine control. Also in the MTZ folder are ESP32 files for UDP.

To receive section info use the autoSteerData pgn, bytes 11 and 12. To send section control data to AOG use the switchControl pgn, bytes 9-12.
PGN 5.1

Hiiiii ! I see the problem ! i think have a litle " bug "

If you utilise normal ports 9999 ans 8888 no problem : good work
but if you want change for specific port : no work …

OKOKOKOK good information for technik AOG service !