AOG Visual Restyle

Hi folks!, Im Diego from Argentina, im building a AOG rig for my NH and Deutz Fahr tractors and recently i started a little side project, its a visual mod of AOG, its mainly new graphics and little changes to de location of the AOG controls, it requires a few mods in the main form to be cohesive, im sorry for the bad english, once i have something polished i will upload it here, ill be very happy to include it in the official builds if it comes to that, i hope you enjoy it and please fell free to make sugestions, thanks!!



That looks really nice! Can i add a suggestion? I really like the check marks - but i find the x on the not used functions a bit busy. Do you have copies of the buttons without the x ?

I have every Button disected no problem on making other versions to test

Cool. So its a flat style button with the image as the “button” with rounded corners?

Do you have any ideas for the Auto and Manual section icons? They kind of do the same thing - but are different of course.

Do you have the buttons for the bottom menus flyouts as well?

Yes, the changes on the form itself are only to correctly arrange the grid and text, the ONLY líne of Code i touched is the Nigth Mode, to make the text stay black, White was not very visible, i have some of the flyout icons i made them all from scratch, using some free content and some new stuff, i was planing on doing all the graphics to mantain some sort of “Style” all across the app

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Great work. I really like the designs as well. Keep on the good work, looking for the finished “product”.

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Another suggestion:
In the dark mode, the figures and letters should be written in white (eg. speed, wheel angel etc.)

Yes, that Will be modded also, im also adjusting some other things,

Currently they do.