API / way to extract NMEA data back from AOG

I’m looking to port my yield monitoring system from android over to the tablet running AOG to take advantage of the better quality GPS signal from the F9P.

Is there any port I can connect to via UDP which outputs the data? If not can Brian or other coder well versed in AOG point me at the right class that I would be able to modify for my purposes - bearing in mind I’m a hobby coder. I’ve been digging through the source and the code is way above my current understandings but the deep end is always the best place to start!

I believe Ag.Io may solve this problem by exposing coms on an API?

I use mtz8302 dual antenna code with esp32 with udp wifi. I send nmea to all ip So everything listening 9999 port receive nmea.Screenshot_2021-03-17-11-42-06-052_com.sandersoft.udpmonitor

Thanks Damien I’ll have a look at that.