Applied area calculated by the distance driven not actually area applied (v4.3)

If one drives over an area 1000 times, it appears as the whole paddock was worked. Instead the area which was worked may only be a 1x1m spot.

As an example:


This image shows total applied: 0.2 and 81.9% of the field area was applied. The truth is, only ~5% was really worked on, the rest was applied in that one circle.

Who is guilty? I’d blame the driver, why drive in circles. :smiley:

Seriously, I believe AOG at least used to have the feature to calculate the true applied area, excluding overlap. Never tried it myself though. However all the commercial screens that I know, do it like in your example. Don’t think it is fair to insist something better from AOG even if it often does things better than the commercial products.

If i do an operation in someone’s field and have to double up in ‘difficult’ areas I would want to know what I’ve done so it’s fine AFAICS.

AOG does have it, i commented it out again as i suspected it was causing some problems - but i will be testing it again as we are starting to seed here soon. It shows the percent region overlapped - but unlike commercial units it doesn’t show the actual area remaining, it shows the area overlapped which means it will work without a boundary as well - something that is not available commercially AFAIK.

Here you can see exactly what you mean, its a 49.8 ha field, 24.75 is applied. while using normal field remaining shows 25.05 left the actual remaining based on overlap is 26.69. 6.62% of the field applied has been overlapped. It also keeps track of how many times up to 3 times it has been overlapped. Also not done commercially where they just subtract total - seemingly applied.