APV 5.2 gps connection

I want to control the APV 5.2 remote with the section control I have done. I thought of connecting it to the speed sensor. There is an open-close sensor, does anyone use it. I could not figure out the kaplo connection.


I made the remote but could not connect it. does anyone have an idea? how can i tie it.

I thought of cutting off the speed sensor coupling and connecting the relay to the power cord.

I think the APV 5.2 Controller have a SplitCable to connect it with “7 polige Signalsteckdose”. Then you can use Signalentry for the three point lift.


How can I find socket connection pins?

Try to find the documentation for APV 5.2. I am pretty sure that there will be some information about the pins.


I have the user manual, but there is a sensor introduction. No information with pins.

I have the 7 pin plug for linkage signal. I can circuit test it tommorow for the pinouts.

Hello hope this can help you
Steckerbelegung APV 5.2 Steuermodul.pdf (1.0 MB)


Yes, this is perfect.

I have the exact same APV 5.2, I can help you with the project @Bestgart.

tested cable to 7 pin din plug to cab pillar. I have cut the cable and ground out wire 10 with a switch on the drill. Matches document above.

5 din7 gnd
10 din4 lift
8 din2 speed
7 din1 speed


Thank you for your help.

It is available here, but which one we will use.
which one is the three suspension arm sensors. I did not find

I think is
Pin 10 to ground
Pin 11 to v+

I use pin 10 to ground for couple of years now. works well. You may need to go into the settings menu to turn it on.

We will connect a relay between GND and PIN 10. I hope we will not break the control

Do you still have the Pinout document (Steckerbelegung APV 5.2 Steuermodul.pdf) and can upload it again because the link seems to be broken!
Btw the pictures have the same issue or is that only me who have problems with the pictures on this side?
Thank you, a lot!

Steckerbelegung APV 5.2 Steuermodul.pdf (1.0 MB)

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Steckerbelegung APV 5.2 Steuermodul.pdf (1.0 MB)

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