Arag Delta 80t

Have anybody connected f9p with arag delta 80t?
Or what is the cheapest antenna for Arag DELTA 80t?

I have not but according to the manual (p20 of the on-line version), any receiver providing NMEA with GGA, VTG and ZDA works. Just need an RS232 add-on board to feed this screen from F9P. A bit more if you want RTK accuracy.

If you have a standard F9P you just put an Xbee bluetooth in the slot for it and use perhaps Lefebure Ntrip Client on your phone to send BASE info to Xbee on the F9P, and the output will be RTK

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What should i buy of accesories on the ardusimple page?

Better to check but if you have the standard simplertk2B receiver board, you should have the bluetooth plugin for RTK (NTRIP):

A ready made RS232 converter for the NMEA output:

And a shield for an additional plugin connector if you want both the bluetooth and RS232:

Now I have nothing, so I have to buy everything
antenna, f9p card, and extensions.
Do you see any case, that would already fit all the devices in one box?

You stack all the parts you need on top of each other, no other way really than putting them all in one small box. The antenna obviously on top of the tractor roof.

so, is it enough?

Do you prefer WLAN instead of bluetooth for RTK correction signal?

I have wifi router on tractors, would like not to connect to my phone

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