Ardu NTRIP ethernet caster network

I’m adding the Ethernet NTRIP caster from ArduSimple, to my base station. Currently I am using xbee xlr radio as the conection to my rovers.
So I purchased a Sheild and the ethernet NTRIP

caster to add to my base. I realize this isn’t the most cost effective but sure was a simple.

The xbee is on uart 2 and the shield and caster is on uart 1.

My question is since the base is connected to my home network on a static ip address should I be able to log into u center just by logging in to the ip Address?
The base is connected through a bridge, but that shouldn’t add any compilation.

Not sure what you mean. If you are asking about changing settings in the Wifi Master, I believe that is only accessible via WiFi (the esp32 makes an access point usually is used to login from there)

I am wondering about logging on to u center from my desktop via the UDP connection?

Thaaats above my head :thinking: