Arduino crashes

I’ve built a v2 Pcb with a clone nano v3 Land Rover WAS running the latest version of AOG.
I have managed to get it all working and steering the tractor.
When I use the test buttons in AOG the motor turns and finds the correct angle but if I click the button 3-4 times the motor starts turning all the way one way and I have to turn the module off, disconnect the usb and reconnect in AGIO.
I have had the gps connected and had it briefly follow a line before it did the same thing.
My feeling is that it could be something to do with being a clone nano so I’ve ordered a genuine one to see if it makes any difference.
Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Pictures of how you have done the wiring, because power issues are my first guess.
Only ONE power for everything, same for gnd.
Do NOT use lighter socket, that often give problems as you mention.

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Also try a different usb cable, even if the one you are using looks new.

Measure your supply voltage on the tractor, see if the board voltage dips drastically when the motor turns. The whole system should run on a 10A fuse, not including tablet.

@Larsvest is right about lighter plugs, they are not reliable.

Thanks both, it turned out to be a bad connection in the fuse box of the tractor.