Arduino does not connect

hello, after a bad connection with the ads1115, the arduino nano stopped connecting with agIO, I tried to load a simple program with arduino ide to test the state of the arduino nano, outside of aog it works fine, just in case do a bootload to the arduino, but still the same.


Sorry for my English, I hope you understand what I mean, I’m using the translator
thank you so much

Maybe the Comport is not released? Only one program can connect at one time.
Search on the Internet for cmd terminal command listing all com ports finding out which one is the arduino and releasing it wiht a cmd command.
When this does not work, maybe try on another PC with Agopengps just to try it?


Thank you very much for your help, luckily I was able to solve it, downloading the ino file again, I think the problem was in that file since downloading it and installing it in the arduino nano fixed it.