Arduino Help

Hello all I appreciate all the work you guys have put into this.

I have recently build a PCBv2. I’m trying to test this in the house before building any mounts to the tractor.

My board is soldered with steering motor connected and WAS connected.

I have been playing with Arduino and some LED’s to get the basic understand of that. But I’m having trouble finding the proper program to load onto the Arduino. Was wondering is someone could help me out?

On Github, in release, there is the "Support"zip folder next to the AOG folder.
Search the “Autosteer_USBv5_0”


Upload it with the Arduino Ide software.
There is also an “Xloader” file that load the program by itself but I don’t know how this works.

You can run the XLoader exe, then click on the first line where the file is (the … ) and pick the hex file like this. Pick your port and arduino and upload it.

Thank you very much I fought for hours trying to get it and just got errors. Used the xloader and WAS reads in agopen.

I also have the ethernet shield on my board, I’m guessing you would use the udp file?
How do you configure the com port for the ethernet is there a youtube how to possibly?