Arduino Nano 4.3.10 code: lower jitter and IMU twist option

I did a firmware mod to @BrianTee_Admin and @Aortner’s firmware 4.3.10_Austrian_edition supporting the CMPS14 IMU.

  1. lower jitter

Original (x axes: time in millisec between packets in each direction, y axis: packet count during an hour of logging):




  1. CMPS14 may be rotated in any angle as long as the z axes still points to the middle of the earth or the milky way (but both is possible now)

The user has to enter the rotation angle in the code up to now.

Hope, that simplifies some mounting situations inside the cabin. Will be suitable for the other sensors, too, for sure, but not done.

Feel free to test it and to give feedback for sure!

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