Arduino Nano Every instead of Nano

Unfortunately I was not careful ordering and ordered Arduino Nano Every boards instead of the regular Nano, and now I cant upload the code. I downloaded the corresponding installer from Arduino and can select the right Nano but still won’t work, does anybody has made it work with the Nano Every or should I just order the regular Nano?

Tryed “old bootloader” setting?

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Highly likely it’s what Matthias says. Most of my ‘nano’ clones need this.

[Edit] I might be wrong.

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Ah, read the question properly Alan! :see_no_evil:

I got these boards because of the multiple serial ports for another project, but I cannot get it to work with AOG.

Finally got the every together to play with it. Flags “TCCR1B is not declared in this scope” upon compiling, this is a command native to the original nano for pwm.

Even the mega core x library does not work. I think time is better spent staying stock or on the teensy 4.1 AOG variant.

Just replace twbr Line by Wire.setClock(50000); and comment tccr…

Will give it a shot, and see what happens

Can you, please, specify Wire.setClock location? Sad part is, that after screwing around for a long time i managed to find the location and format. AGO version 5 works on 1x controller fine, but i forgot to save the file :man_facepalming: and from Nano Every i can’t get HEX file back after wasting two days.