Arduino Nano to L298N

I would like to create a small robot and take advantage of the agopengps software, to make it follow a pre-established path, I would like to use “minimal” hardware that I own: gps in rtk (which I already use as a visual guide) arduino nano, and as an autosteer controller a economical L298N.
The problem is that this low cost driver does not have the inputs like the Cytron 13a. Can anyone help me connect it to the Nano?

Set aog to ibt_2 , and you have the output for both left and right in pwm.
Edit. The pinout from nano should be stated in the first part of the ino

I thank you for the answer, but I am ignorant and I don’t understand the logic of the operation of the pins of my L298N…I found the schematic in the support/misc/schematic/ directory in the steer.png drawing which concerns an ibt_2, and a Different pinout. I don’t know if my L298N is suitable for what I want to do.

Then you’ll have to study the datasheet for the l298 to understand it, no one else can do that for you.

Depending on what you want. AOG and the standard autosteer ino only control one engine in both directions. The L298N has the ability to control two engines in both directions (or 4 motors in one direction)
In the IBT_2 section this line say what pin of nano can control for example ENA on L298N then leftPWM and rightPWM is IN1 and IN2


Or you can double up and use both H bridges to control one larger bidirectional motor