Arduino to gps?

I am a big noob when it comes to the rtk and configuring all this. I hope someone can help me out here. I also have no idea what to get for a gps. Thank you!!

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My recommendation would be an Ardusimple Long Range starter kit.
It comes fully programmed and is plug and play, the only issues is you will have to mount them in your own enclosure.

The Rover will go into your tractor and can plug straight into your Laptop USB for signal and power.
The Base station can be installed on a tripod in your field or anywhere line of site really such as your Barn roof.
I have my Base station on a tripod because we have a far distance between our fields. I also power my base with a 20,000mA usb power bank, this is good for over 48hrs.

IMG_20190113_090950 IMG_20190113_091023


It depends how far from the base you have fields.
3-5 km from base to rover is maximum for Ardusimple Long Range
15-20 km from base to rover is maximum for NTRIP.
I think most users use NTRIP caster.

How much do you guys have in your systems? I thought these systems were cheaper?? I’m look for the cheapest system as possible. I’m new to all this and I am grateful or the imput I just thought these systems used rtk gps? I never heard about these base stations and rovers

The amount you spent really depends on what you want to achieve, if you only want guidance then its a laptop and a GPS receiver.
At a guess I’ve probably spent $1,000 USD (not including laptop) and I have centimeter accurate autosteer with section control. Comparing that to OEM systems it is exceedingly cheap.
You can spend less to get autosteer but as the costs goes down you need to be able to DIY things alot more such as using an old drill motor for steering, using only 1 GNSS receiver and NTRIP from a public CORS.

RTK GNSS uses corrections from a base station to provide the centimeter accuracy often quoted. You can either have your own base station or use corrections from a public CORS station if you have one nearby via NTRIP.

NTRIP caster is another way of getting the corrections to the GPS in your tractor via the internet, but I don’t think its really for a beginner and you need perfect cellular coverage. In Australia cellular coverage in rural areas is useless so NTRIP isn’t viable for us.

How much do you want to spend on your GPS? $730USD is extremely cheap for a L1/L2 RTK system.

You could also just get a receiver by itself to start off with and not worry about RTK, then you will might get sub meter accuracy as these receivers are multband (L1 & L2) and multi constellation (BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS).

Some more info for you to read on the basics of GPS (GNSS)

Thank you for your feedback Rammy! I am learning a lot from our conversation centimeter accuracy would be desired. I fall under the impression that this would cost about most 500 bucks which has me kinda deterred but I have not giving up hope yet. I have diy capabilities I have not dabbled in software and the computer side of things. I can read a wiring diagram and I think I can accomplish this. I just need to know that I can do this before starting. This system would be for my family farm and I would not be spending the money it would be my relative. So before I spend his money I want to reassure myself and get it done right. I have looked up base stations near me and the closest on is 25 miles (40km) away. If I have to do a base station I will. If we agree on that. I will do the reading on what you sent me.

Very Nice boxes you have there!
How are you mounting the GPS antenna on the outside of the tractor? In another box with a magnet onto tractor? Or just the antenna with a magnet? Would love to see peoples set ups of that and that won’t scratch the paint etc. Does the radio antenna need to be close to that too or can that just be left inside the cab? I’m guessing outside would be better tho!

I’ve got the antenna glued to an aluminium ground plane with a magnet underneath. I’ll send you a few pictures in a couple days mate.

Hello Rammy
I am iterested in your photos
if you are kind enough to send some ,i would be happy

The payback for similar quality is around 15:1. Add dual antenna RTK, subscriptionless, unlockless, fully configurable and its more like 30:1.

There is a minimum amount of hardware required, especially with GPS and a tablet/computer. The one thing to look for in this world is extreme value, and AgOpenGPS falls in the extreme value category.


How close is AOG to using a dual antenna solution for heading to eliminate the brick on the roof? Is the dual antenna solution something I should be considering for use with AOG for this spring?

I would think so yes. IT is working.

What kind of antenna do you use for the base: the one delivered with the F9P is ridiculously small.
Good enough for wifi in a house but in countryside ?
The kind you put on a mast


Which antenna are you talking about? My F9P does not have any WIFI antenna at all and it works fine in and outside of a house in countryside.

I meant radio antenna to send messages from the F9P to the rover
Rammy labelled "radio antenna " on his pictures of his yellow boxes
have a look at the top of the discussion

OK, didn’t know you were talking about the radio antenna when you mentioned wifi.

Are you not happy with the range figures given for the standard antenna? If concerned about range, why not go for NTRIP over cellular?

I am a dummyI just want to have a good signal to receive on my tractor up to one km
I would like to try this way (antenna ) cause I don’t know anything about ntrip caster
More I have already baught a couple of ArdusimpleRtk f9p : 700$

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Did you get the long range radio kit. one for rover and one for base. then it should work for you

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Am just dummy with windows : I plugged the simple rtk2B to the USB on my “old” windows7 and windows does not recognise the gps
Is it something like W7 does not “see” an USB-3
or there is a problem with a diver for simpleRtk2B ?
Many thanks

ardusimple has a XLR extra long range version now ! pity I just bought the LR one