Arduino with only work Switch?

Hey everyone,
I have an Arduino Nano at home, so i thought i could test the programm with the arduino code. I uploaded the code and connected +5V on 5V, GND on 0V and then i connected D4 to a switch. My Problem is, that nothing happen in AgOpen. Do i have to connect also a wheel angle sensor and a Motor? Maybe my Arduino is broken?

Do you have the simulator turned on? What can you see on the “serial ports” tab in the “from auto ster” window
There should be numbers there, when using a switch it should change from 5 to 7.

yes simulation is on and the number don’t change

You also need the WAS connected.

How can the arduino say there is a WAS? It shouldn’t make a difference right?

I agree, in simulator mode the Arduino should not need a wheel angle sensor but I believe there is a safety in the Arduino sketch that it does not communicate unless it detects a wheel angle sensor.

so it will be fine if i attach a resistor?

I don’t know if when left open whether it goes high or low, and it might be fairly high impedance so probably best to use a voltage divider like a pot or two resistors.

D4 is the Direction/Enable pin for the motor controller…Steer switch pin: D6, work switch pin: D7, remote switch pin: D8

oh you are right. Thank you.