Ardus simple RTK2B

Two questions.
Can I take the rtcm strings via the gps usb slot and feed directly into snip caster running on the same pc, if so what needs configuring?
It appears to be using RTCM3.3, will this work with older rovers that used RTCM 3.2?

Works OK as long as you set F9P to deliver RTCM data to that USB port connected to your PC.

As far as I know, you cannot make F9P deliver legacy RTCM messages (it does accept them as a rover). You can use RTKLIB to translate the F9P output to legacy format. This is for the free SNIP version, a paid version I think can take care of the translation.

Many thanks for that. Is there a user guide or could you give me some indication on how to use RTKLIB to integrare into my setup to achieve legacy rtcm messages from my base?


You would need some sort of a computer to run RTKLIB, why not use a ready made solution instead of trying to build one of your own?

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