I got my board working on test unit
Had trouble with communication to advice and tilt unit but resolved now.
Thanks to all who answered my questions and to all who provided the extra hours to make this work in the first place.
I have now got questions about rovers and base.
I am trying to understand ArduSimple units.

Can anyone explain pros and cons if 4G NTRIP vs WIFI NTRIP …

I thought both would work for base as well as for rovers but I was told the 4G NTRIP does not work for base

Hi, the main differed between the two modules is the way each module communicates. If you want to make a stable base, for example you want set up a base on your home roof, you should use a wifi module. Connect it to your home internet, upload the right configuration file on the f9p, make a survey for the real position of your antenna and you are ready to send corrections over internet.
If you want to make a moving base you can buy the 4g module, upload the base configuration, power the f9p with a power bank, then send corrections to rtk2go and get them to your rover by NTRIP.

Probably 4g module, which is more expensive, you should use as a rover because you can get corrections without the NTRIP inside AOG.
Not so many pros if you want to use like that, maybe a moving base is better.

Thank you for your input
I am hoping to get my unit to work by seeding time
My brother got heart operation and will not be able to do all the work
This is for second tractor that I will run to help out.
And maybe put on combine in fall in case he needs further help.
Last fall I was helping as well and his John Deere unit was not working so good. After learning more this winter I think I can maybe make it work better as well
Thanks again

Instead of base connected to home wifi
Can it be connected through a adhoc network from a cell phone
We do not have regular phone and internet

Yes you can connect to any Wi-Fi internet source.
But if you have fields around your home you should also think about radio connection

I was considering radios but thought it might be less issues using the cellular system
With radios would have to move base around more often But still one of the choices
Cellular has missed areas as well
Mostly near hillsides where there is trees , some of this is also often missed by gps so have to still drive the old way anyway
One thing in favour of radios is you don’t need internet at all
Areas are too spread out to have a centralized wifi, that s why I was considering cell system.

And thank you for your reply