Ardusimple Issue

Am I missing something …Shouldn’t there be a number next to the Single Gps:

Ran the tractor today for about 80 acres and it worked but was drifting… I am using the latest Aortner config for Rover.


Not space enough in the text field. if you watch it right after start up you see 7 8 9 and when gps HZ reach 10 it disappear. And when it goes into RTK you see 10 again.

Your right I do remember seeing that then it went away. Sounds like everything is ok and my drift must just be a consequence of the WAAS signal. I’m getting about 10 to 12 in of drift pass to pass.

I guess my next question is when you power up the f9p how long does it take for the receiver to acquire a good signal… Is there a waiting time where you need to let the receiver sit idle in one spot ?

I would say just a few seconds.
Drift sounds like my autumn seeding, only single gps. Drift was around 20 cm pr hour.
Don’t know waas, but should you not get at least dgps? Maybe you don’t get waas signal in.
Other waas users might know.

RTK base station should be up and functional in a week or so…Hoping that solves some issues with drift. When I use Ublox it shows my connection as 2d/3d.

My receiver (F9P) takes about 20 Seconds until it finds satellites, but i only tested this indoor and the antenna was not moving.
Also i connected it to the U-Center program to see the satellites etc.