ArduSimple simpleRTK2, pro or budget

I’m on my treasure hunt around the world to make my Kaupoi v4.1 with Panda NTRIP
Just about to order ArduSimple simpleRTK2 pro
or should i just go with the budget model?

Am i only going to gain a couple led’s with PRO
and would be no better off

The new Pro version is the latest generation supercharged with new features:
– High power XBee Socket to connect high power devices, like 4G NTRIP Client and XLR at 1W output power.
– Selectable UART1 / UART2 connection to the XBee socket, to be able to send UBX protocol over the air.
– Compatible with Sparkfun qwiic interface and I2C interface.
– Dual USB-C connector
– “NO RTK” LED in red color
– “GPS FIX” LED in green color
– EXTINT and TIMEPULSE available on the JST connector


Cheers Gordy

Your correct, there is zero advantage using the new pro version (for the tractor end anyway) most users just using the basic with basic antenna.

thanks CommonRail :+1:

The only point what I thinking about is to trying connect the teensy + F9P + BNO085 together by new provided Sparkfun qwiic interface ( I2C interface).