Ardusimple / UBlox Point Perfect

Has anyone got this working?

Having now learned NTRIP and radio, it’s time to look at PP. Got the hardware, followed the procedure, it didn’t work. Emailed u-blox who immediately offered a Teams call / shared session with two engineers (how is that for customer support?). Got it all working except this little beauty:


Even U-Blox couldn’t work it out, referred me back to AS. Does anyone have any ideas why it’s skipping all the data?

Do you think it’s RTCM from the point prefect receiver? You could go to the rxm-rtcm message view, right click to enable it and see if all the checksums are verifying.

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Did you turn on the accepting of Spartan messages, thought that had something to with getting the L5 corrections.


After a lot of troubleshooting, it looks like we have a hardware issue with UART2. I will have another crack at it when I receive a new board.


Yep, all switched on also changed from IP to L6.

Shucks, best of luck on the next attempt :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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For PointPerfect to work, the system needs to support MQTT to receive the key to decode L-band signals. I did a quick search in the github code and did not see any mention of MQTT.

Seems like a standalone PointPerfect box might be the easiest way to get this working:

Although too bad they don’t include synthesizing 1007 or 1008 messages so it would work with Trimble and others.

You create a profile on Thingstream when you sign up for the PP service and the. you can download the relevant JSON file to run as the MQTT client.

Just to update this, it was as simple as the baud rate between UART2 on the RTK2B board and the D9S daughter board was not matched.

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Cant wait to hear results in field, actual costs, the real deal!

We have it working standalone on a staff for now, using it to map features for surveying. Getting a fix in under a minute with clear views of the sky and though I have not yet confirmed precision, we should be sub 5CM.

No base required.

It’s nice :slight_smile:

Edit: TBH, if this proves reliable, I may ditch the base / rover model all together and just stick with PP. 5CM will do for our purposes.

If accuracy for PointPerfect is your interest, makes sure that you consider the reference frame and otherwise you could get an offset depending when and where you do your measurement.

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