ArduSimpleRTK2B to AgOpenGPS?

Totally new here so bear with me!
From what I can tell, all I need to get going with precision GPS is ArduSimpleRTK2B LR Starter Kit and a laptop to run AgOpenGPS on the rover side of things? No need for Arduino extra stuff like “section control” that Brian has a video on building? I would start with this then eventually get into hydraulic auto steer etc. How do I tie that into the system later on (getting stumped on reading the “hardware section” as I write this)?

Do I need a PC on the Base side of the ArduSimple gear? One post here seemed to suggest that but I did not read that on the Ardusimple website.
I have about 1.5km radius for may fields so in theory this system should work well however I do have lots of trees and bush around some of my fields so I won’t have line of sight all the time. I was thinking I would be able to install the base at the house on the TV Antenna tower that is 30ft high…or would this cause interference on the TV (and the wireless internet) coming in? Other possible install location would be on barn roof however that would be harder to get at. Will any of this be an issue?

I’ve been playing around with the AgoOpenGPS software already so I’m excited proceed with hardware but having a hard time sorting everything out.

Also What is everyone using for PC or Tablet? Any good place to buy new or used gear like this?

Any guidance here would be appreciated!

The base side of the LR starter kit does not need a PC. The SimpleRTK2B module only needs a GPS antenna, XBee + Radio antenna, give it 5V power and your good to go. I am using a similar setup with Cerea at the moment, also in an tree-rich environment. At the base I am using a high gain glass fiber antenna instead of the little antenna supplied by Ardusimple. Installing the antenna at greater hight is always a good idea. (fresnel zone)

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Im also new to this, and want to build autosteer, with Rtk base and rover. Is the LR kit a good solution?

It is a quite simple way to start.
BUT if you have no line of sight between base and rover, the rtk signal is lost.
The better way is to choose NTRIP over mobile internet.

Ok, than it will be better with NTRIP.
So then I need to order this?
2pcs rtk2b with antennas
1pc WiFi NTRIP Master (or Rpi) for RTK2GO

You could just get the ardusimpleRTK2B basic starter kit, and a tablet, I use a dell venue pro 11 7140, bought used off ebay.
Without building the autosteer PCB you will be using the lightbar (top of screen in AOG software) to steer manually, so possibly the increased accuracy that you would get from a base station install may be lost here anyway?
I was lucky and there is a base station in range of my farm, have you checked on NTRIP Caster Table to see if there is one nearby?
Its great fun making the Autosteer PCB, easier than expected to make as well!

I ordered PCB parts today! Maybe I should order one starter kit, get it work with autosteer, and then buy a rtk solution later?

You can do it which ever way you wish.
I did things completely upside down. I bought all the parts for the autosteer before the ardusimple, simply because the PCB looked the hardest part to me and I thought if I can do that I can do it all!
You could set your rtk up, as your waiting for your autosteer parts to arrive.