Are most autosteer systems able to get RTK from e.g. rtk2go?

Propably silly question, but are most autosteer systems able to get RTK from e.g. rtk2go?
Or are some systems locked to their own signals?

Trimble has the 1008 message, does not even need to be filled in. If its not present, the rest of the data is ignored.

This is the easy way to make it proprietary.
Why give water from a tap, when you can sell it by the bottle, then put a special lid on the bottle that requires keys?

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:slight_smile: Yea, I get that of course. But I was thinking if buying a tractor and you end up with the tractor brands own autosteer. (And don’t want to hack it while you have warranty)
What are the chances this will be able to get RTK from

Never used any proprietary systems, so don’t know their settings.

Are you after some specific tractor brand? AGCO OEM auto-steer systems have no restrictions, work fine from a private base or via RTK2GO. I’d check JD from experts before purchasing one. For some you need to pay a yearly subscription, not only one time unlock.

Actually not. I was thinking in general terms.

Good to hear AGCO is open enough :+1:

Just stay away from John Deere
I’ve got several tractors and combine so I think I can say what I want

Haha… surprise, surprise.

Do you know if AGCO systems has to be unlocked for RTK to be able to use own base station?

I don’t know all AGCO systems but the receiver needs to be RTK capable. On older Topcon based receivers this means the plugin units must be present. On the current Novatel/Trimble receivers an RTK unlock is needed but there is no specific restriction to use private RTK corrections as such (some other brands do need an unlock for a “foreign branded base”).

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I see. Thanks

Adding AOG to your tractor will not violate the warranty in any way. I mean farmers buy tractors all the time and add loaders to them, maybe a kit to do front 3-pt hitch, that sort of thing. Around here farmers often add third-party GPS steering systems to their tractors, standardizing on Ag Leader for their fleet, for example. I can’t think of anything you would do to the tractor with AOG that would violate the warranty. Plus with some brands of tractors, AOG can communicate with it over canbus and use the existing hardware without any additional wiring.

As for OEM GPS systems, except for Deere, all the major brands’ GPS should be able to accept RTCM corrections over NTRIP through a bluetooth to serial adapter (either homemade, or a commercial one). As was mentioned, some like Trimble need a 1008 message in the stream. Most will work with 1005 or 1006, and at least GPS message types, and also Glonass types. From what I’ve seen most receivers can deal with the older RTCMv3 types, as well as the newer MSM4 and MSM7 types. See An RTCM 3 message cheat sheet - SNIP Support for a list of message types.

Note that you will have to purchase an unlock for your GPS system to enable RTK. They can be expensive. Trimble charges $4000 CAD for the RTK unlock.

A few systems allow you to use a third-party receiver for GPS, which would let you use a ZED-F9P. But most are locked in some way to requiring their own brand of GPS receiver.

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That’s good to know. :+1:
Just setting up a separate AOG system with WAS and wheel motor is indeed no problem.
I was a bit worried about warranty and CanBus. If something’s odd is going to happen, maybe delaer will try to blame AOG. But as I’ve understood, the AOG CanBus solution is not able to do bad things if just the cables are connected right.

Yea, I noticed that.

No problems connecting to canbus, warranty-wise. Short of driving your tractor off a cliff or into an obstacle, there are no warranty issues. Like I said, people use third-party GPS systems all the time and these connect into canbus in many instuances. Pretty robust.

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