Articulated 4wd tractor settings

I’m setting up my second system. My first was on a Kubota M-120 and it works like a dream! Thanks Brian and everyone else!

I’m now working on a Case 9330 4wd. I’ve got everything installed and I took it out for a drive yesterday but I couldn’t get the steering to settle down. It kept oscillating. I think I have my counts per degree wrong, I plan to fix that today. My question is about the Ackerman setting. I know there won’t be any Ackerman on an articulated tractor, so does that mean I set it to zero?
Running version 4.3 by the way.

Leave ackermann at 100 %
What is the volt reading from WAS at full right and full left?

I have yet to test the WAS voltage. I had just set the counts with the “wild guess” method.:slightly_smiling_face:
I was planning on actually measuring my turning angles today.

@Larsvest Thanks for the Ackerman answer!

did you mount the WAS on bottom joint?

decrease the gain, it may be turning too fast, a 4WD is a very strange beast, I hope to do mine this spring. you turn and the front moves, but when you turn back the back end changes heading. it certainly isn’t like a non articulated.

@Mdmcurt has set it up quite well, perhaps he could add some advice.

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@BrianTee_Admin I hadn’t thought about mounting the WAS on the bottom, I put it on the top where it was easy.:joy:

Makes sense it wouldn’t move as much with bumps and rolls on the bottom. Luckily I mounted it on a bracket with some high strength magnets so it wouldn’t be hard to change.

As for that @Mdmcurt guy we are friends and neighbours so I know he doesn’t know anything! :grin:

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Since the rear changes heading as you say, would it make sense to mount the CMPS to the back of the tractor instead of the cab? I’m not using any IMU yet, but I have a CMPS. I thought I would wait for version 4.6 to try it out. Seems like it will be more straight forward to get it working then.:slightly_smiling_face:

I guess at the back though the heading would turn the wrong way wouldn’t it?

on the back half, yes it would. On our Steiger 500hd the imu is mounted just under the back of the cab on the upper articulation joint.

I did on several Russian tractors. It works very well. In this video, still with BNO055 but recently replaced with bno 080 and it is still stable. The box with the imu is in the operator’s cabin. It goes as simple as a train on rails, it turns well at the headlands.
Stiger and NH are also waiting in the queue for assembly. The NH has a factory valve to control it looks like a danfos. We’ll see how it works out.

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Thanks for all the help everyone. After some frustration with settings on Stanley I decided to try Pure Pursuit. It seemed to settle down right away.

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Apparently I don’t know how to post a video.:slightly_smiling_face:

I have the same valve, horrible spot for the connector, but investigation begins soon. I am thinking it is the danfoss Udc type valve.

After getting everything dialed in with version 4.3 before seeding, using PP, I got excited and switched to V5.:slightly_smiling_face:
With V5 I never did get PP to work right, but Stanley works nicely up to 8mph. If I go faster than 8mph however I go from wandering only 1-2 inches across the line to 5-6 inches. I feel like I’ve tried tweaking every setting, but I just can’t seem to stabilize things at higher speeds. Any ideas what I should be trying?

I finished all my seeding at 8mph, but the salesman who sold me my new little air drill says I should be able to get good results at 10mph so maybe next year if I can get things set better.

Maybe a change of antenna location? It’s currently on top of the cab right at the front. V4.3 didn’t like it out at the nose, but maybe v5 would? I never moved the antenna after switching versions.

On my sprayer I had to set antenna 3 ft farther back in aog settings then what the antenna actually was. Then pp worked great even up to 20 mph.

@wwfarm So your sprayer is articulated then?

No it isnt. I should of reread this post but I have setup a few articulated tractors with v5 and put antenna on front of tractor and that works good. But again sometimes works best to set antenna settings farther back then it actually is.

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot.