ASD interface

I was hoping to do section control on a Muller Spraylight which has an rs232 ASD interface. I found an existing interface from CoffeeTrac ;

Does any one know if this will still work with the latest versions of AOG, or have any other suggestions.


Rauch controller was made by Mueller elektronik in germany.

So i think it is the same comunication protocol. it is RS232.

I think you need only three wires TX, RX, GND

But you need to connect in this way

TX of mueller = > RX of MAX3232
RX of mueller => TX of MAX3232
GND of mueller => GND on MAX3232


Thankyou for the pinout diagram that is very helpful. Have you done this yourself? Does the Coffeetrac esp32 program still talk to the AOG, it looks to me as though the sentences for section control sent to the ESP32 may have changed ?


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I find the schematic on google.

The ESP32 is connected to pc by usb connection.

In the version 5, the comunication is managed by AGIO.

I do not know how AGIO works and if there are some difference with old software version.

For the cable, you can buy a DB9 rs232 serial null modem cable

Do you have cable connection diagram for amados plus?

There is an ASD adapter cable harness. (Code NL394)


yes this cabel you have its internal connections

hello did you have use the Coffeetrac system please ?


I am also interested to implement this interface to use it with an Axis 40.2M-EMC (W) with Quantron A terminal. Does some made some progress on it in the meantime ?
There are several questions / unclear points:

  • Does it works with AOG v5, and does someone use it?
  • From what is see in the specification and the video, it seems that was developed to work with two sections only (right/left), does it also work with a 8 sections AXIS ? It seems that not…
  • Does someone have a documentation or some more info about the specification of this ASD protocol , in order to eventually adapt this interface to make it working with a 8 sections machine.
  • Regarding the cable, it think that’s nothing particular itself, simply need to link from Quantron A as Stabilo wrote:
    o TX (Pin 8 of Quantron) = > RX of MAX3232
    o RX (Pin 7 of Quantron) => TX of MAX3232
    o GND (Pin 3 of Quantron) => GND on MAX3232




This code works with v4, but I’m modifying it to be compatible with V5. I haven’t tested it yet but it’s for use with a quantron so I don’t know if it will work with your box. either if I had more information on the ASD protocol, I think it would not be complicated for it to manage more sections, a good part of the code is already done!

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Amazone saying here that the ASD protokoll is open for all, so should be able to get the documention for ASD

I think what they mean by open to everyone is that any manufacturer can get it, but with the purchase of a license :sweat_smile:

I might ask my amazone dealer for a technical contact I can talk to. Now I have a company I can claim to be an OEM :joy:

Sent a second mail to the dealer here in norway now. Hope to get an answer



In the meantime I also analyzed the code , I see that data sent/expected by AOG between v4 and v5 are not the same , as you said the code has to be adapted anyway for v5.
I use the Quantron A also. For the sections, I am still not sure if the current code can manage several section or not. Unfortunately the code is poorly commented about the data send/received with the ASD protocol. Without a documentation it will be difficult.