ASD - Section Control (> 6 Sections)

Hello together,

I would like to control the sections (6 sections) of my isobus terminal (Müller Elektronik Basic-Terminal) with AOG.

I´ve seen the code from Coffeetrac (AGOpenGPS ASD Machine Interface - YouTube), but I think this code is just for 2 sections, is that correct?
Does anyone have any code for more sections?

Or does anyone have another idea how to control 6 sections on the isobus-terminal with AOG?
I have seen the S-Box (Müller Elektronik), so it should work with relays too, but how did the S-Box communicate with the isobus-terminal?

Many Thanks in advance.

I think it’s Isobus …

Hello ,please , did you have progress on ASD protocol , I look for tu do on Caffe trac system with 4 sections

not Isobus , but serial like on RS232

Hello , did you found something aabout ASD ?

Hello, no not really. My now I send the gps data to the isobus terminal which turn on and off the sections

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