Attempting to implement something resembling AgraBot

G’Day All,

I’m trying put together something similar to Brian’s AgraBot project he built many years ago, with LIDAR collision avoidance, and the safety mechanisms he had in place in one of his videos I found (lost GPS stop, obstacle stop, software not running stop, etc).

Is there somewhere I can find some manuals/instructions/software to achieve this without reinventing the wheel?

I’m also trying to get my head around tractor transmission clutch control, I’m thinking a linear actuator connected to the Machine Board. Any guidance/useful ideas would be great.

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I think brian quit agrabot because it was too dangerous.

I’ve never used this, but might do some of that.

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I did get a simple version of this up and running 18 months ago, but then life threw a couple of curve balls and I’m just getting back to it now.
I set it up on a 40hp hydrostatic tractor for weed spraying in the orchard. Hydrostatic makes it easy to control with linear actuators. I use the recorded path for guidance through the orchard, simple bumper switches out front that are wired through multiple estops on bonnet and wheel guards, directly to the ignition if things go wrong.
I bought a relay board and software from Relay Pros in the States to control the hydrostatic, throttle and handbrake actuators, it also has some 0 to 5v inputs which I’ve connected to a couple of Maxbotic ultrasonic sensors in case someone parks their car in the wrong place. So AgOpen, the relay controller and the cut out circuit operate independently. Then TeamViewer to operate. And I should have mentioned the tablet on the system has its own Sim card.