Auto back on line

Good morning ,
I wonder if it is possible to do that when you raise your semi-door tool to make the back on line automaticly ?
because it is often maneuvered in the corner the seed drill for example is positioned very randomly behind the tractor, is it would be wise to be able to activate a function like this. Admittedly when lifting the tool in the middle of the furrow this would be problematic, but we could put a timeout of 20 seconds of tool sensor lift signal, and why by configurable why by in the specific page for mounted sowing tools

Thank you all for your precious work and the AOG development which is a great tool

ps: because of my bad english I use google translate

Is your drill mounted on the hydraulic lift arms or connected via a drawbar?

My drill is mounted on hydraulic lift arm

If you select a different implement type in implement settings it will be fixed to tractor. I think when reversing then it will stay tight

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what did you say ? I choose the correct implement : my drill is semi mounted and fitting on arm

Sorry I didn’t realise it was semi I thought you meant it was fixed but even so if you select a fixed implement although it won’t follow exactly it might give you what you need for now?

hello as I explain when I do a maneuver in a corner of the field, when I leave, my seed drill is often in line behind me physically, but in AOG it is represented randomly because I am reversing.
What I would like is for the re-online function that I put on my first image circled in green to be automatically activated when the tool is raised after 20 seconds, like that when I put down my seeder, it will be very close to reality. I am talking about a time delay of 20 seconds because this will prevent the machine from coming back systematically when you lift the tool during sowing.

up ! nobody have a solution ?

The solution is to modify the code…

Maybe it should straighten the tool after some meter

I used a JD system once, it just put the tool straight behind after some distance.

Our old John Deere was always locked straight back when in reverse. Another solution would be to mount a receiver on the implement

Are your guidance lines strsight ab or curved? You could set it up as a fixed 3point implement rather than a trailing. It won’t matter for straight ab lines but it will throw the curved lines out

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Wouldn’t it work for curved lines too in the sense that only coverage mapping would be affected. AOG does not steer the implement to the guidance line but the tractor and the actual work would be equally accurate?

Also would have been nice to have more background of the issue. Is the OP using AOG to raise/lower the implement at headlands or why does it matter if the implement is not aligned soon enough? Why not longer headlands etc.

Im not sure. One field I have is on an ab curve, and on the linkage sprayer it just follows the line, but on the articulated tractor with trailing seeder it swings out in preparation for the turn

I know the correction you see on a curve is based on your hitch length, but I’m not sure if rigid or trailing affects that.

hello I saw all your answer : I made a mistake about the green circle on the first view , I know that it use for .
My problem is in the corner of the fiel , when Ilift my seedrill trailed and when I made make forward
When I start a 90° for exemple the seed drill is not shown in line with the tractor

Still a bit difficult to understand the issue. I interpret the question being about “reverse detection” and perhaps about the way AOG estimates the implement position while reversing (I cannot remember if it puts the implement straight behind once it detects the tractor moving backwards).

Have you tried to change relevant settings to improve the behaviour? I cannot see your SW change being the correct fix. Perhaps helps on your case but on other scenarios it may set the implement position straight when it actually was at the right angle.

In order to motivate SW experts to look at the issue, you could explain how this actually affects your work. Are you using section control or do you see this just a visual/coverage mapping issue?