Auto-Injector for Wheel Motor

Hi there,
has someone ever tried to install an automatic motor injector, which connects and disconnects the motor with the wheel gear?
This could be controlled together with the steer switch.
There are electronic magnets for push and pull which can be used for this like:

or here:

Are there some problems which i have not thought about?


Unfortunately, I think it will cause problems, because electromagnets work very fast and there is no need to combine 2 gears in their use case, how about a central lock motor instead? It works like a tiny linear actuator but provided it’s powerful.

In the German telegram group there are many old posts about electric clutches, and also about servos used to engage/disengage.

this way we use thrust dc linear piston. both powerful and fast, it has an integrated limit switch. When the opening and closing are finished, the current is cut off.

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I do similar thing with linear piston

Cylinder is power by reverse relay drive Pwm2

but i not happy with the result it is to slow :worried: :worried: :worried:

the second point is need to modified the software to have a temporaly low speed to engaged and also help to find the teeth …

solution with modified software

it is better but not perfect

and finaly i prefer the mechanical engagement/disengagement and a safety disengagement like i do here with one sevo

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