Auto steer kick out

I am using 5.6.0. When I steer the green triangle turns red and the valve cuts out but the tone doesn’t sound and the steering wheel stays green. Thus I have to hit the green steering wheel twice after the turn once to turn it red then again to engage it again. Is there a setting I’m missing?

EDIT2: see next post. 0 is now a legal number(Not in AOG 5.4.5)

You use the (old) Turn sensor feature with setting at 1 count, and senses a connection . Solution is to use the other side of switch in sensor so it is always “on” or closed, and when it opens then steering cuts off. Now the Nano program only have to run once before it tell AOG you have pressed autosteer again. (the 1 is a whole “round” so need to both close and open or ON -OFF)
So when no pressure the sensor is ON , when sensing enough pressure then OFF.
If your sensor does not have that feature, then put in a relay which can break the connection when pressure get high.
EDIT: or use the new sensing at Nano A0, a 5 V connection to sensor. when pin A0 get high (5V) then steering cut off. I think you can set pressure in AOG at whatever, because 5 V i max pressure :slight_smile:

It also works with NO type contacts if you set the number of pulses to 0