Auto steer motor runs all the time?

I have a V2 board, with steer switch, 24V phidget motor with cytron and Range Rover WAS. The system worked well last fall after I switched to Emlid for my RTK.

This spring Emlid drops to offline status usually after 30 minutes but has run longer…32 hours is the record…lol.

The system all works with RTK and less accurately, but still works, AB lines, auto steer, etc. without RTK until the last few days. Now when I engage the auto steer the motor just runs, usually continuously turning to the right, but sometimes reversing it’s direction. Makes no difference which side of the current AB line. I have switched the steering switch off and on, power cycle alot, checked the WAS connection, turned off reverse detection…to no avail. Currently using as a pictorial light bar.

Have read that repeatedly losing RTK can mess with something but can’t find that thread again.

Anyone have similar experiences and if so what fixed it?


Probably need to put a multi meter on the WAS rather than just check the connections.

Good idea. Will check in the morning and report back.

no new settings?
invert WAS?

Put on new WAS…no change. Inverted was No change.
Do I need to recalibrate steering angles with a new WAS? I have virtually no knowledge of a lot of this stuff…just tenacious enough to get it working and then move on…lol here is info while driving straight…thanks

You will need to recalibrate the new was.
Can you go through the steer wizzard and try again

Went through steer wizard and set WAS driving straight & right and left turning angle corrections…WAS reads turn direction correctly on green slider bar,friction wheel still spins wild when auto steer engaged…no matter which side of AB line tractor is, it just spins wildly and will even reverse friction wheel direction of rotation with no discernable pattern, at least to me…Still works as a glorified light bar at least…

Any more ideas?


Try to set to IBT-2 and click send. Then set back to cytron and click send

Tried that with no positive results…now have my steering angles all fouled up…need to return to methodical change only one thing at a time approach…will report back once steering all sorted…trying to LOL