Auto Steer on Teensy 4.1 Possible?

A little teaser on a side project. Putting AOG on a Teensy 4.1 written in c++.

How much can be done? I’m thinking quite a bit with a small TFT display/Touchscreen.


Must be terribly cold!!! :star_struck: None the less be neat to see the end product

Terribly cold yes! Cold weather makes the best code…

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So good !

can we imagine the teensy as brain and a pad 'windows android ipad or a smartphone … as slave to remote the teensy ?

Perhaps. Use the tablet as the storage for fields etc and then “load” the teensy with the data and it can focus on the math.

Would be a lot easier to make multiple os based app, all you have to do is send the lines

For that Wifi would be perfect


Why you need an external screen?

Very cool! Maybe instead of writing code for TFT, go straight to adding PGNs for remote control via UDP.

To do settings, hit A and B buttons. Menu etc.

The idea is to be self contained, so remote to where?

Very cool! I am dreaming of an all-integrated rooftop unit with can, so it is just plug and play for autosteer ready equipment and control it via wifi on the Tablet.

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Yes, keep all the “mission critical calcs” in one place.

In cab phone or tablet.

After that, remote control from the office.

Very cool. The teensy has a lot of potential applications for precision ag. I’m toying with the concept of a variable rate hydraulic drive with built in seed rate monitors. Still very early in the concept.

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is it going to be some kind of release to test?

Oh its a long road yet. Things like section control done mathematically, no file storage, no openGL, no… so many things it will be very challenging.

Any updates? Very excited about the teensy! Any code to test?

No code to test. But i am plugging away at it slowly. There are lots of problems to overcome unfortunately, mostly in the communication. Am realizing that the way it is is extremely efficient to have windows do the processing and the MCU module just do the least amount possible

So it would be possible to use imu on a separate nano, and set the “delay” time in the ino? (Delay from imu message till nano pass it to Windows)

This uses everything on the single teensy - all the steer code everything. Parsing, positon, line calcs, steering. IMU is just connected to I2C of teensy.