Auto steer stopped working

Hopefully somebody can help me / has come across the same problem.
Sowing Oilseed Rape and stopped for a break, then on restart auto steer button won’t stay in ( ie green). Lights green for a second and then kicks out.
All seems ok in Agopen and have RTK fix.
I have disconnected the motor in case of a problem there but no different.
All powered as should be.
I’m guessing at a problem with the motor driver ( md35) or an arduino issue but unfortunately I don’t have a spare to try. I have reloaded the sketch but no different.
Using 3.09 in case that makes a difference.

Thank you ahead of any help.

What lights green for a second and then kicks out? Could it be your STEER input to the Arduino isn’t working correctly?

Hi, the auto steer button on the agopen screen.

By STEER do you mean wheel angle sensor ?

I mean the optocoupler input labelled STEER, it’s your autosteer on/off switch/button. What version of AoG are you using? Do you have red or green light in the bottom right of the mapping area?

I’m still on wired setup ( until next winter ! )
On version 3.09

Check the steering wheel button setting on this tab.

Hi Baraki
I have checked this and is the same on manual and auto. Wondering if I should delete and reinstall Agopen and try that ?

Just an update to my problem. I think it was a bad connection with the wire to pin D6 on the Arduino. A good reason to get onto PCB as soon as possible !
Thank you to those who tried to help😊

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I am running v4.1, and anytime I change an offset, it does the same thing. I can go to module configuration, which I don’t remember v3.09 having, and resend to module, and autosteer button starts working again.