Is it possible to get STRSVR rtklib demo 5 to stop and start automatically if there is timout on the com port, I am currently using it to send to rtk2go, it is a temporary solution where I have 50 meters rj45 cable on a usb converter, my f9p is on top of grain silo and pc down.


If you’re using an f9p, I think it’s better for you to equip the board with a WiFi NTRIP Master Xbee. If you have too much time outs, rtk2go will ban your IP adress

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I’ve been sending to rtk2go with ESP32-XBee on an esp32 and it seems rock solid.

when i get time it makes sense to put an esp 32 poe up to f9p and only a network cable down to the router but started in the field