Good evening,
I’m new here I introduce myself I’m Roman I’m an agricultural technician and I’m passionate about the machinism having a small farm next door I’d like to create a self-guide for that I’d like to have help that needs to be bought? How to make connections etc I rely on you!
Thank you so much

Hi roman, thanks for translating to english it’s better for everyone here
First you need an antenna and a f9p receiver that you can find in a complete kit on 1
Then you need an angle sensor for the wheels, you should find the reference on the forum.
For the rest:

  • Arduino nano
  • Inclinometer dogs2 or mma8452
  • Imu brickv2 or Bno055
  • 12v> 5V converter
  • Cytron MD13S
  • 12 or 24v motor of at least 1Nm
  • ADS1115 analog to digital converter
  • Buttons or levers
  • And finally wire to connect all that and a lot of patience. You will find the construction plan on the forum

Hi Roman, you can start out without a inclinometer and without the imu brickv2 or BNO055. But what you need is a good wheel angle sensor (WAS) (use some money for it) and a very good and stable 12v too 5v converter. In my opinion an separate converter for the WAS is good. It is recommended to use the pcb comming with AOG (gerber files are on AOG github) (it has two stabilized 12V too 5V converters, one for WAS and one for the rest). There is also a list of the parts needed for soldering. Take 5V+ power and especially the GND from traktor battery, not from somewhere else. For setting up f9p and further information, look this forum.

que conseiller vous comme tablette ? et quelle tarif ?
avec ca on peut ?

Salut merci pour vos conseils J’ai trouvé un plan de câblage mais je ne sais pas si c’est celui qui
vous dérangerait de m’envoyer votre plan de câblage?
Je connais le codage rénal si vous pouvez m’aider, je l’apprécierais!
Je vous remercie

Okey merci!


Ses bien les bons schéma une fois le câblage effectuer il faut coder Arduino?Une fois coder l’autoguidage fonctionne?

Je te recommande d’acheter le PCB d’AOrtner.

Je n’arrive pas à ouvrir ton lien

Hmmm, chez moi ca marche…