Automatic steering of CASE 2188 combine with corn header

I want to install hydraulic valves on my CASE 2188 combine. However, I do not know if steering on the AB lines will work when mowing corn. In my fields, sowing was with AGOPEN, but I also do services on sown fields according to markers.
Do you think that it would be possible to connect the row sensor to PCBV2? Any ideas are welcome.

I guess the row sensor is some kind of mechanical thing that touches the stalks? Some kind of hall effect sensor and analogue output ± centerline of the rows? Maybe you could use the sensor signal as an offset to AOG steering algorithm, i.e. “offsetting” the guidance line by a given amount, similar to how the tilt correction works? Quick and dirty you could calculate an artificial tilt angle and use the row sensor instead of the tilt sensor?


What about using a WAS for the row sensor, in the steering demo/test mode? As long as the computer thinks it’s trying to drive a straight line it will correct for row guidance. Not sure how it would do for mapping, but it at least should follow a corn row.

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To tell AOG which angle the wheels are pointing they need the WAS. But maybe use a second was that follow the row and connect to the adc in differential mode. There is a voltage problem here, best could be if it was possible to make it go from +2,5 V to - 2,5 V

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Yes! It is a brilliant idea to use the test control mode.
I could make a sensor rows based on a potentiometer through which WAS would be powered. The WAS sensor is ratiometric, so changing the supply voltage with the potentiometer / row sensor would shift the zero turn of the wheels.
In theory, it should work.
I am trying to write a program on NANO and use the V2 board and control in a loop independent from AGO but I am stuck on PWM modulation and the clock is ticking and you have to go out into the field!

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When you I would love to see the finished product. We run a 2388.

Did this project amount to anything? Ive been searching the forum for row sensing for corn.

Best guided by GPS. I did some tests with row detection but it only works well on a perfect plantation. We usually have a lot of damage by wild boars, corn borers, and in such conditions, row detection goes crazy.
On the GPS you can drive even in completely broken corn and everything fits nicely.