Automation of Full field simulation

I want to simulate full fields, including automatic implement lift at headlands. It seems like most of the pieces are there already in simulator, except perhaps a way to speed up the time scale. And something to toggle implement lift.

My goal is to compare overlap % with different section control schemes for several fields.

Is this a question, or an suggestion?. Your free to code it.

Suggestion/request. I guess that wasn’t clear in my post.

Like you would click a button, and AOG would drive the boundary, then do all the passes? As far as I know, AOG can already do everything in Sim that it can in real life.

Yeah exactly. I think you can do MOST of what you do in the field, but not all of it without some manual intervention.

You can’t really transition between boundary passes or from boundaries into AB lines without manual driving (same as in real life). But even if it took a few clicks to get through boundary passes, and into the bulk of the field, that’d be okay.

Overall, I think having the ability to speed up the timescale for with a click(and not just by increasing ground speed) would get me 90% of the way there.

Also, seeing a full field path plan would be cool too, and probably useful for automation in the future.

I have no ability to code any of this, but just throwing it out there to see if there’s any interest or value to others.

Hit F6 on the keyboard for turbo mode


Well it is only a few clicks. Create boundary curve, then as pass is completed, click lateral turn to next, when done, select AB Line

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