Autosteer Activation Button/ Switch

So I have a switch similar to this laying around the shop.

It fits perfectly into my factory dash slot. My question is how do I wire to use as the autosteer activation switch so that either direction activates steering? How do I wire a ground into this? I know I probably just need a jumper from top to bottom so it works in either direction. Or should I just get another switch?

Is it spring return to center? It looks like a double pole, double throw but if it has any built-in lights then it’s hard to know just from this picture. Try checking continuity with a volt/multi meter. Usually the center connector on one half is the common for that half. Switching up/down connects the center to one of the below/above it.

It is a DPDT, no lights with spring return

So think of it like two switches, each half has a common in the middle. Connect ground to the middle and your steer input to the top & bottom for that half.

The middle terminal is the switch “common”. Put your ground wire there. The upper and lower terminals are the switch outputs for the momentary positions. Put your switch outputs there.They should be opposite of what you’d think they’d be according to the rocker position on the front. For example, when you press the switch in the upper position, you’ll connect the common to the lower terminal.

It may seem odd, but if you’ve ever had one of these apart it makes perfect sense. There’s a little “teeter totter” inside that rocks back and forth.