Autosteer component locations on combine

I’m looking at fitting a 575R Lexion with AoG for autosteer. It looks to me like the steering valve should be located close to the rear axle where there already are hydraulic ports to tee in, it’s also close to the pumps and other valves, and the batteries. So then I’m thinking the Arduino PCB v2 should be back there too so that the PWM and WAS wires are shortest. I’m not sure yet if I will try to use dual antenna or just a single antenna and enable the MMA eventually. I’m planning to use UDP and since it’s only 100Mbps I have 4 extra wires in the cat5 to use for the on/off and work switch. Are there any concerns or issues doing this?

Also, should the MMA be mounted quite firmly/securely? To me it looks like the PCB design has it held only by the 0.1" header pins.

Should the GNSS antenna be as far forward on the cab as possible?

For MMA mount , you can use the Kaupoi mod pcb.

The location near the battery combine is the best, you are near steering axle for angle sensor, battery for power, hydraulic lines for valves.

You need only one ethernet cable from battery location to cab.

It better to separate the ethernet comunication with on/off switch

I only have the one official v2 pcb that I want to use for now. Are people finding the MMA and ADS reliable enough using such 0.1" socket & pin headers for easy replacement or should they be soldered on permanently?