Autosteer min motor

how to set min. speed motor in new ago 5.7.2?

Set min to the lowest value that actually makes the wheels steer while moving.

yes i know it but how to find precise value in this new version. you made a jpg tutorial how to find it in 5.6 low and min were changed to 1 then low was raised until it started spinning in this version there is no “low” there is p, max, min (ago 5.7.2)

First you can try the wizard, there is a step to set the min value.

To manually set the min value.
1-Put in Drive mode(the green tractor)
2- put the P value to 1, min to 1, max to 255
3- drive at 1 to 3 km/h
4-move the arrow to give some error
5- increase the Min value until the wheels move slowly.

At min pwm the wheels must move.

after that you set P and max to move the wheel as fast as possible without overshouting using the ±5 deg button

Low was removed because it’s not needed if min, P and max are set correctly


I try to use the wizard tht is very convignant

But for min value chapter It will be impossible to have an action and finnaly i put to the maximun without result
at the end of procedure when you test it willbe clear the Min value is not correct

So i use the manual mode to set this min value and it works

@BrianTee Can you check in the sofware the wizard really work for min value setting

Did you drive at that moment? no speed no PWM

i think but i need to reconform again