Autosteer setting modes

Just wondering here…

I’v run into problem with autosteer settings. I run my main tractor with multiple different configurations. Constantly switching between dual tyres, wheel weights, front weights, implements at rear or front or side of the machine, some work focusing only on AB line, some focusing more on U-turns. Every configuration seems to always need an adjustments in steer settings and once I got it right for one thing, then I’m againt fiddling to get it right for the other.

I could have multiple vehicles of the same vehicle, but I think it would be much more elegant to have saveable driving “modes” within the steer settings window. Modes that can be easely saved or saved as, changed on the go. If changes has been made and the window is closed, ask to save as or overwrite.

Then it would also be easyer to fiddle with settings while driving without having to worry about “losing” the one mostly good setup you have found.

Well… Good night sleep after stressfull yesterday, I now have different thoughts.

I think it is best as it is now, just have to make new vehicle for these setups. A mode menu would just be yet another menu to already complex software.

Let’s keep the good work going and focus on more important things, this is a great piece of software we have here.:v: