Autosteer shoots of the gps guidance line

Hi AOG users,

I am building an gps autosteer system but i am having a problem with the tractor staying on the line.
When i am driving i can get the autosteer to stay pretty close to line bud sometimes the motor randomly starts turning really hard of the line. I have tryed a lot of different steer settings with no resolts, with some setting he turn a way more then other settings but always atleast 20cm.

I have also tryed a lot of setting with rol but that diddent help.

I am using a kaupoi mod with cmps14.

its looks like a bad I2c connexion

could check without Bno or cmps and check your wiring

and if you can share more wide screen to see the cap …

(+1 for the clutch :wink: )

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Thanks for the tip.
Haven’t gotten on the tractor today. I hope to test again tomorrow.
But what are the I2C connectrions, I have done a bit of googling but i coudn’t really find out what it was, looks like some sort of protecol.

Steering clutch works really well by the way by the way. I have moddified it a bit tho, I’ve combiend the coupling system of the quick tach from @PotatoFarmer and your clutch so that i could easily swap it over to the sprayer tractor were I am planning to also install Aog on.


i2c is use for communication of BNO CMPS and ADS1115

In your case you have an suddently autosteering go left or right
so CMPS or BNO has a communication trouble or WAS / ADS 1115 …

Try to pull the wire to check if they are correctly fix

@EJemmens Your CMPS could be getting some electromagnetic interference. That can cause random jumps. You can try relocating it or cover its enclosure with faraday cloth.