Autosteer Single GPS+IMU+Panda

I am building my first AOG setup and my first though was to give a try to the amazing job done with Panda, using a Phidget motor with a IBT-2 driver.

As far as I could read/understand :wink: in the Panda INO file, it is intended for GPS+IMU fusion and does not handle the autosteer part.

Has anyone used Panda with autosteering in the same Teensy? Does this setup make sense to you?

As hw components I have:

  • Ardusimple as GPS
  • Teensy 4.1 as micro
  • Phidget motor
  • IBT-2 driver
  • BNO085 (I hope to receive it soon, fingers crossed)
  • Wheel fitting for the motor (I have it working, a few years experience with Cerea helped)
  • In case it is interesting: some arduinos, esp32, esp8266 are also available in some drawer, also a pi.
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Working on it, not ready yet

Thanks Vili, any suggestion on the hw side?
these days we have to plan months in advance

Yes, wait :wink:

Here’s one in person’s files, unofficial and mostly untested

Great hint! thanks a lot.
Having in mind that the WAS will not be required, is the ADS1115 still a must have?

AgOpenGps does not plan to work without WAS, it is a very simple system that provides many advantages, I cannot understand the fear that WAS causes in users :pensive: :pensive:


Well, I would not say fear, however having to install a WAS, in a vehicle that does not have one, is somehow inconvenient indeed.
And if by using the IMU+GPS option that could be avoided, for my user-case, it is a better solution, as it requires less installation time, less cables over the vehicle, and enables to use the same system, as plug and play, in both: harvester and tractor.

Vili, do you think that the AOG will work fine with GPS+IMU+Panda (without WAS) in its current 5.5 version?

AgOpenGps not work without WAS, you need rewrite code for this, but well is Open Source :wink: :wink:

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Experienced users please develop algorithm a set up and testing Panda.
For example:

  1. Take a pole, fix the antenna on the top end of the pole, measure 200 cm. and fix the pole at this point on the table (this will be the center of swinging).
  2. Settings - Antenna Heading Type - VGT.
  • pole straight up
  • wait for RTK
  • zero the roll
  • create field
  • run the test with swinging pole
  1. tilt the pole 10 degrees, you should see:
    Antenna - 0.14 cm. (cathetus b), if the measured value is greater you need to increase the height of the antenna.
    Correction Distance - -0.18 cm.
    Correction Easting - -0.04 cm.
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Are you doing the work Vili?

When do yo think you’ll have something to show us? Excited!



Wow it scary how close the fix and imu track. Looks very stable.

Teensy Panda is looking great :panda_face:

My Panda Box :wink:


I thought there were two USB cables. One for f9p and one for teensy. Or did you power f9p from teensy?

All in one, F9P only needs power from USB, i am testing a PANDA PCB :wink:


Amazing Vili!!! Congratulations, it looks great!

What is that teensy ? Can that be used instead of 4.1?

That’s a teensy 4.0