Autosteer using Hydraforce parts and others

So we are working on adding autosteer to a few tractors on the farm. I bought a surplus (slight damage) valve block made by Hydraforce for another supplier. Since that supplier did not even respond to my contact requests I mapped out the schematic from the valve block itself.
As this is it should work fine on open center non load reacting steering systems. The PWM is mismarked here. it is an SP10-58C valve.

steer valve

Now we have a couple of paradymes with steer controllers that lack the actual steer parts. A while ago I also bought a surplus Novariant ECU4 that when I connected it up to the AL monitor it was updated and now appears as an AL ECU4. My only issue with this steering controller is that their firmware doesnt allow for the hydraulic control unless there is another product in the system like a Paradyme/Geosteer. But it will drive a steering wheel kit. I can get all the initial checks to function except for the feedback. I am not quite certain what the module needs in order to believe the operator is turning the wheel. I was wondering if anyone had an idea?

I am thinking about building a converter to change the wheel drive signal into a pwm drive signal to run the hydraulic valve. Assuming we get some similar ones put together.