AV line moves?

Today I deleted and reinstalled Agopen as I had been having problems getting RTK fix. Got RTK back but now have another problem.
Make an Ab line and go up the field and when I turn around the line is approx 30 cm wider, or narrower, than it should be
Ie the widths of implement has effectively changed from 3m to 3.3metre ( or 2.7) And so without ‘move to here’ with the button I am leaving a large gap, or overlap in my sowing.

The antenna is set at 0cm ( the physical antenna is dead centre to the tractor) and tool width at 300cm.

Strange thing is at the other end of the field the 3 metre pass to pass matches up correctly!
Have I forgotten another setting when reinstalling?

Any tips please ?

Let’s say the length of AB is 200 centimeters or 2000 millimeters, the width of the ublox antenna is 47 millimeters, so the antenna should be at 976.5 millimeters and 1023.5 millimeters
if the antenna is at this point, you do not enter anything, if it is moved to the left or right, enter, for example, 20 or -20, it depends on how much the antenna is moved

you can also set the machine offset here

Always set the tractor properly first then you can play with implement if needed.

@rikko any chance that you created boundary from KML or while far from the field or in simulator? There’s a rounding issue. Best to open field when you’re physically there.

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My problem is 30Centimetres not 30 millimetres ?

All was working fine before I needed to reinstall the program?

if you set a AB line in a field past a peg or pole, then stop when your rear wheel is alongside the peg/pole and measure to the rim,
drive off, turn round then come back same AB line and measure to other wheel in same place

is there any difference in measurements doing this??
if so either move antenna on roof or add a offset like as above