Base fixed cordinate?

Hello , i have one idea.
Has anyone tried?

In base you need to enter fixed cordinate i gps right?
My question is , can i put module in rover mode, attach it to some rtk signal, get rtk accuracy , see what is cordinate of my antenna , flash base config and enter that cordinates in fixed mode?

What your describing is the easy way to sync two bases so that you do not get a datum jump switching between them.

If you only have one permanent location base, you can just average it in. Then enter those coordinates manually so they do not change.
Then year to year your passes will be the same. Write down the coordinates so you do not loose them. This is the setup that most will ever need.

If you only need daily repeatability, average in the base at the start of the field and go. Like using a portable base. Or as you describe to sync this base to the other permanent base.

If you want it to line up with survey markers, then its best to record 4-24hrs of observations, then submit them to a PPP service that will calculate the exact position of the base monument.

The other base from witch i whant to take rtk is measured by state surveyor.So cordinate is correct, and its aligned with others (trimble, topcon …) becose their bases are measured also.

So i just take example 10 measurments in diferent points of a day , sum them and then divide by 10 to get average value?

How far away from this base are you? Base line is under 10km use average fix for 15min and you will have it.

Past the 10km it will be easier to PPP with NRCAN, plus you get supporting documents.

Maybee 1.5km are distance between my and other one.

You don’t really put it into rover mode, just feed it the rtcm correction data (might need to set the correct port to accept rtcm). Once it gets rtk lock, survey your position, write down your coordinates as backup and enter them in manual position.

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I will try that.
Does anyone have esp32 scheme of wiring with f9p module and ino for esp32 .
I think its better without operating system .
I whant to try with it.
Searched forum but lots of broken link i found