Base Station Connection Problem

I remember this exact question asked by @Alan.Webb about two years ago and I can’t find the post.

Got my base built and reliable, but cannot seem to connect the rover to it via NTRIP. Pretty sure this is not a firewall issue, NAT is configured right, but it still won’t connect.

I’m not using RTK2go, but assume I should just be able to point the rover NTRIP client to my base station WAN address and connect on 2101, am I missing something?

Is some form of authentication required by default? I can’t see where, but just can’t immediately understand why this is not connecting.

Any hints at all?

Which NTRIP caster are you using? How does the caster respond if you try to reach it with a browser outside your home network?

I’m using RTKBase.

The web gui presents fine and port 2101 is open, I’m just missing something obvious. May need to get a packet sniffer on it.

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Are you using Vodafone? Their crappy Securenet garbage blocks NTRIP. Just disable it if you are.

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No, I’m on Plusnet, but you raise a good point. Maybe this is being blocked by the ISP, I will give them a shout.


… i meant on the rover.

It’s the same ISP, I got a cheap mobile SIM deal.

Ah ok. That’s the EE network then.