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Admins: any chance we could get an up to date base station how-to pinned somewhere, please?

Bought the hardware for a base station and set about looking for decent instructions as to how to set this up, of which there are many. The problem is that all the ones I looked at were out of date, had broken links, etc.

If there is a definitive article, having it pinned would be really useful.

Now, on that subject….

Wha degree or accuracy are those using a base station actually getting? Is it really that much better than an RTK board plus NTRIP? I ask because I was testing with just these today and getting truly impressive results, it was holding a bolt straight line.

Also, is anyone using the Ardusimple wifi NTRIP Master board? I have one and it looks the dog’s danglies.

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It just depends of the distance you are from the base station.
the precision is 1cm + 1mm/km.
If you can connect to an NTRIP base station within 20 or 30 km radius you probably are just fine.

There are so many ways to built a base. It really depend what hardware and connection you want to use.
Windows computer, raspberry pi, esp32, Ardusimple wifi master, wifi or ethernet.
Also if you want to use RTK2go or connect directly to your caster.
The best way is to search on the forum with key words.

I run an raspberry pi sending to rtk2go for 16 months with no intervention since then!
I was thinking about setting up my own caster but the dynamic ip and firewall stuff kept me from trying.

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The base is the place an Emlid really shines. Their GUI makes base setup very easy. If your really into getting the max accuracy, PPP’ing an absolute position of your base will reduce dilution error due to extended baselines. This is relatively easy to do with reach view.

On the tractor any f9p will do, I like the cheaper sparkfun boards.

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I trust you on the Emlid comments as I have no experience about their receivers. Cannot do comparisons but I’d say the cost difference between dual frequency Emlid and F9P makes one consider other options and if setting up a base is not as easy as with Emlid, it still is very easy for an F9P.

Many options for an F9P but e.g. Stefal’s base automatically stores files forr PPP’ing and base parameters are really easy to configure. The recently posted updates for ESP32 seem to make everything easy too.


I have been using COR sites as base.
But In Australia, AUSCORS COR sites will now only support NTRIP over TLS and restricted to port 443. Is TLS support going to be available in AGOPENGPS. I have tried AUSCORS new URL and port 443 and it fails. I can return AUSCORS list of bases connecting with FIREFOX ok.

Not answering your question but could you read the correction data e.g. with SNIP and the forward to your rovers locally using any port you like and avoiding TLS if needed?

I assume this is free service and forwarding the content locally would only reduce the network and computer load for the service provider. Cannot see why it would not be allowed then.

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Does this mean that you can not do the same with Chrome or internet explorer?
If so, then try to set the preferred browser (in Windows settings) to be Firefox

SNIP returns 347 cors sites OK using and port 2101. This URL will be discontinued mid 2022. Auscors are allowing users about 12 months to adjust their software to support encripted NTRIP data through port 443.

Using SNIP with the new URL and port 443 also fails to return mount points.
I tried both FireFox and Chrome and they both return the mount points OK.


Didn’t know SNIP neither supports TLS. Is it the same for a paid version? Perhaps some other NTRIP client does.

That’s the thing. AOG seems to be based on the original “hacker” ethos; breaking away from the expensive vendor tie-in models where a supplier basically has the farmer by the balls.

As I understand “traditional” farm machine automation, you have a couple of providers who charge the earth for hardware and supper services and I believe there are additional licensing costs.

Think I’m right in saying that this was what Brian T was trying to get away from.

I suppose my question is:

“How cheaply can a reliable autosteer / section control system be built for?”

AOG provides the software, licence free, so that’s that bit dealt with. So hardware? For a system accurate and reliable enough to please a working farmer.

From my experience:

PCB: £80 in parts
WAS: £20
Wire: £10

GPS: simpleRTK2b board: £200

4G router on a £5 per month service.

Some motors, brackets, bungees, belts, whatever: £100.

Laptop, everyone has one under the stairs. I’m running AOG5.2 on an old dual core Toughbook.

Just using the above, RTK2go and the NTRIP service built into AOG, I’m getting a damned near perfect line and u-turn without the use of a base station at all.

That’s £410 plus £60 a year which could probably be reduced to £20 a year for a pretty decent guidance system.

You can add a base station for £300 plus a tripod (£200 for the ardusimple board / antenna and £100 for a pi4, can be done cheaper), but I’m not sure that this is even necessary.

Has anyone here tried running a rig on just a single RTK2b board with a reliable NTRIP service over 4G?

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According to the Australian government home page you can use bkg bnc

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I only have the free lite version. I now see there is support for SSL in the pro version of SNIP.

Just to be sure by 4G you mean over the Internet?
We are many running a single RTK2B with NTRIP over 4G (or cell phone hotspot)!! :wink:

When there is no station near on RTK2Go, centipete or COR we have to build our own.
My base is on the house roof, no station hundreds km around me!

You mean a base station in the field? No need for the accuracy (for autosteer), it’s more if you are sending corrections over radio or for field levelling.
You will see no difference for autosteer using a base 10 meter or 10 km (probably even 20 km) away.


How far is the station you connect to? It seem close enough for adequate accuracy.


I was thinking about setting up my own caster but the dynamic ip and firewall stuff kept me from trying.

What is your router?
I have experience working with users who use many different types of Routers to build their NTRIP BASE Caster station with ESP32.
The way to open the Port on some Routers may not be the same.
Just tell me the name and version of the Router.
Hope I can help you success in some way with your system.

I wasn’t able to set DDNS with no-ip, not even try playing with ports.
It’s a Hitron CODA-4589
I had:
I guess I have to choose one of these?
I also think have to install something on the raspberry or esp to communicate to the provider when my IP change?

The most important for me is that it is full autonomous and have no downtime if my ip change or after power outage.
I was looking for RTKbase on raspberry, I want an ethernet connection and be able to send to rtk2go and host me own. Sending at diferent rate if possible.

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Thank you for answering my question :slight_smile:

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I guess I have to choose one of these?


I also think have to install something on the raspberry or esp to communicate to the provider when my IP change?

No need install anything on PC, Raspberry or ESP32 / ESPrtk. ( I will call them by the common name NTRIP CASTER app).
All ready in your NTRIP CASTER app.
Just go to your router and make changes in it.

The most important for me is that it is full autonomous and have no downtime if my ip change or after power outage.

IP will be updated automatically by your Router. Not by NTRIP CASTER app.

I was looking for RTKbase on raspberry,

Just test on your current PC with RTKLIB.
Download zip file here : GitHub - tomojitakasu/RTKLIB at rtklib_2.4.3
Then open the app name STRSRV.exe

I want an ethernet connection

No problem if you choose WIFI or Ethernet.

and be able to send to rtk2go

You don’t need to send to rtk2go or any server because you are actually building your own server !

host me own

My DDNS ( free domain registration for Server S1 is :

NOIP is free ! , all you to do is renewal at the end of the month by click the link they send to your email . (Or pay 40$ for a year for automatic renewal .)

If you want something like, just go to Upgrade your account and pay like a purchase.

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Worked on fields using 40km baseline this year, nothing noticeable from the cab, PPP’ed base.

7mm+1mm/km so 40km is 47mm +/- error, F9P will fix far in excess of 100km tested on emlid forum.

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Perhaps you are after an application that communicates with the Dynamic DNS provider? You do need “something” that informs about your IP change. Attached a copy of my Zyxel 4G modem/switch Dyn DNS configuratio page. The application does not need to run on the router.

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Yeah I know.
But I want to be full autonomous with my own server but also send public for everyone willing to use (or test) a base. There is no free RTK network here and no other RTK2go base hundreds km around

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