BaseGNSS positiioning

So I’ve got my basestation up and running with BaseGNSS on an Rpi following this guide Materiel et Assemblage | Centipede RTK

The antenna position is correct on the map in BaseGNSS, but in the map on RTK2GO the location is about 100m west of the real position.

Is this a problem or is everything OK?
(I have not tried connecting from AgOpenGPS yet.)

Well it could be different background maps.
But my “map it” in rtk2go is spot on, maybe 2 m off, using both satellite view and road view (rtk2go seem to use google maps).

I did the precise point positioning using the Canadian homepage:
I remember some years ago my base was some 100 meters off, but I think it was because I used comma, and not dot. in the decimal input of static position.
How many decimals do you have after the . mine have 9 when I click map it. (would look like 41.123456789,7.123456789)
Rtk2go only show 8 decimals just below where you click “map it”
Also make sure you used the correct type of position where you type in the static position.
Fixed mode: (not static) Configuring the base manually - RTK F9P Positioning Solutions

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8 decimals and . are used in BaseGNSS.
I also didd the PPP on the Canadian site. I did not wait 15 days as stated in the guide, when outside France. Could not figure out why that would matter.

Where do you find “map it”?

BTW, I tested in field today, and it seemd to work perfect.

Rtk2go and your base name after the =
Just after the ant. Location you have map it

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Ah… nice.
Only one or two meters off when I “map-it”. Propably google maps. I’ve seen they can be a bit off on top of other maps.

“Pos in LLH” has 8 digits after .
In the google maps it’s rounded to 6 digits.
In the search-field its 9 decimals.

Still 100ish meters off in the NTRIP Caster Table map

Seems like it’s working fine so maybe it will do like this…

When going that way mine is 130 m too far to west.
But my phone also tell me that it could not load Google maps correctly. Also the whole map have written all over it "for development purposes only "

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Huh, About the same as mine.
Wait and see then. “If it works don’t fix it” :slight_smile:

I just went through this as well. Never heard of the map it thing before now. Still about a meter off as well. I only surveyed in for 2 minutes and 1 meter accuracy though.

Think it’s important to wait one full day. From midnight to midnight. Not just 24 hours.
At least it said so in the guide.