Basestation-less RTK service with F9P announced

I’m sure many of you got the email from Ardusimple announcing their new bundle of the SimpleRTK2B combined with a cellular modem and SSR correction service from Sapcordia. This is based on integration that’s been done by U-blox.

What I want to know is, is there an F9P firmware update that adds support for this “Spartan” SSR protocol? I assume this SSR service could be used over any kind of internet connection including a bluetooth bridge to a smartphone if there was an app that connected to the server and provided the spartan stream to the F9P.

About all I know about SSR is it’s a technique for getting near-RTK precision over a very wide area without having to have a base station nearby. I suspect it’s similar to how Trimble does Centerpoint RTX over satellite, giving near RTK precision over a huge service area (the entire continent). Using SSR corrections with RTKLIB for PPP solutions – rtklibexplorer

Sapcordia doesn’t yet have coverage for Canada but they plan to soon. They already can cover most of the US and Europe. They advertise 10 cm precision. And I believe that’s repeatable precision too. That’s definitely good enough for AOG I think. Could be interesting if you don’t want to mess with a base station and don’t mind paying some euros each year for the service.

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if i understood the few euros subscription it is still 600 euros / year!