Basic GPS Guidance

Hello all,
I am new to the AGOPENGPS community. I am just wanting to use the program for basic guidance on my windows tablet for spreading fertalizer with a buggy. Can someone sell me/send link for a basic Bluetooth or USB gps that would be accurate enough for basic guidance? Nothing fancy, and the simpler the better.

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Hi, if your budget permits go with ardusimple starter kit it’s good as single GPS and if you want to go further with agopengps you already have rtk capable board.

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So, you would have the GPS receiver on top the tractor, and the board inside in the dry, correct? Then just hook the board to tablet via USB? Apologizes for the dumb questions, I am still learning.

Correct for basic guidance. Laptop/tablet and the Ardusimple GNSS receiver board in the cab, antenna cable is long enough to reach tractor roof.